Basic Facts about Croatian Money and Investing in Croatia

Investment Opportunities in Croatia 

Croatia has been among the fastest growing companies in Central Europe since 2000 and this only indicates a natural rise of opportunities for investing in Croatia. Germany and Italy are its primary partners for foreign trade. Even though Croatia has a rather ancient history as far as the economic front is concerned, it is still a new country. It was only in 1997 when it was awarded with investment grade rating.

How to Invest in Different Croatian Economy Sectors 

About 60% of the GDP of the country is being generated by services sector. There is no denying that tourism is extremely essential for the country because this is the aspect of service sector responsible for creating the most employment and economy. Tourism is the biggest source of foreign revenue of Croatia but right now, it only makes up a small segment of the foreign direct investment. The primary interest in investing in Croatia actually comes from the Europeans. The Italian banks are the main participants in the privatization of banking and the Austrians and Germans also have a stake in banking sector.   

Croatian Economy
These days, there is a significant progress made towards the implementation of structural reforms even if the reform’s pace is slow.

How to Set Up a Croatian Business 

Croatia is considered an open market for the foreign investors and people who come to the country for the purpose of doing business. The foreign investors don’t get subjected to special regulations or laws.  Businesses can be carried out under similar conditions as the local business structures. Aside from this, the foreign investors also get to enjoy several guarantees that domestic investors don’t get to enjoy. The constitution of Croatia provides for free capital or profit repatriation when the investment is terminated. Protax can help you in opening a SRL in Croatia.